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Posted by: Marco Robinson | April 17, 2011


We are delighted to announce that BMW Cars, Shanghai, China have become MAX GENERATION’s latest client in our new market.

BMW have purchased a very luxurious incentive program to reward new car purchasers.

In this program they offer a five star international holiday, a five star China holiday and a FLYING LESSON….

The campaign has already achieved fantastic success, with new BMW owners commenting they felt much better in their purchase and had far more value and since have recommended some of their friends to buy from BMW, Shanghai.

A BMW spokesperson said: “We are proud to offer a formidable incentive to our clients that matches our superb cars. Our clients are really happy to receive these wonderful FREE vacations”.

BMW Shanghai becomes Max Generation's latest client

Posted by: Marco Robinson | April 17, 2011


WANT TO KNOW HOW CHINA IS DOING? Well we have now a new office in Guangzhou AND Dongguan. WE also have successfully registered MAX GENERATION CHINA under “tourism”, have opened our bank account in the Bank of China AND have nearly finished designing and printing our new CHINA ULTIMATE EDITION PROGRAM and will be OPENING the doors for new CHINA agents to join us in CHINA very, very soon!!! Leverage from the biggest market in the world!!! and do we get corporate deals in CHINA???? Well look out for the next post and you will see!!!!


Along with the Eastin Hotel, Glen Stidolph my business partner in Max Generation deserves applaud of great magnitude for the effort he made in just 10 days to fill all of the 43 tables at the event and help us raise over $130,000 for the Japan Tsunami relief fund.

Such were his efforts, we made the front page of the national newspaper in our efforts to raise money and succeeded with a great auction raising tonnes of money for the victims of Japan.

My Japanese friends were at the event and STILL HAVE RELATIONS AND FRIENDS missing and were greatly moved by the generosity of our guests and in helping the Japanese red cross continue their search and assistance in finding missing people after this horrible crisis.

When someone takes action like what Glen has done, it infuses all of us with a sense of purpose and action and THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Glen’s purpose is not affected by the limitations of others. When was the last time you checked your own limits and what is holding you back! If you could operate without limits and fear, you could become someone to be proud of and inspire others to contribute their full potential rather than a derivative of it.

Glen’s singular actions in this incredible event were titanic and i want to personally send my appreciation to him and would like to invite all of you reading this note to send your congratulations to him and Max Generation in making this event astounding! Kudos to Glen, I wish I knew more people like you….

Marco Robinson

Etiqa, owned by MAYBANK & Malaysia’s 2nd largest insurance group and number 1 Takaful player is Max Generation’s latest client!

Etiqa is rewarding their customers with a wonderful 3days/2nights vacation worth over $500 anywhere in Malaysia.

This is sure to boost their sales and increase customer loyalty immensely. Etiqa were very impressed by Max Generation’s superb track record at helping companies increase their sales by crafting customised campaigns to their specific demographic.

This way they are able to spend ONLY $35 per vacation that is valued at $500 and give their clients the highest perceived value item. What could you spend $35 dollars on really?

Customers remember your BRAND more when you give them a vacation, their happy experience forms an emotional connection that inspires long term loyal customers..

Congratulations to ETIQA! and we welcome the opportunity to help ETIQA’s long term goals and profitablility.


Sime Darby’s success is without question in it’s many divisions, including automobiles and housing.

They have a fantastic record of building superb quality homes and always deliver a return for their property buyers.

To give more value to their house buyers and gain more advantage over their competitors they have decided to purchase several thousand Max Generation vacation vouchers. They have focused on giving their house buyers TWO VACATIONS when they buy, one a local Malaysian drive to vacation AND a 5days/4nights INTERNATIONAL vacation in many destinations across the region, including China and Australia.

This gives their diverse massive customer base a choice that is relevant to the language and desired vacation destinations.

The vacations are worth in total $3,000, but of course the opportunity cost to Sime Darby is only $61 per vacation (for both vacations)

I’m sure you would agree this is excellent value, and we expect Sime Darby to post a significant increase in sales from this campaign.

Posted by: Marco Robinson | February 18, 2011

Petronas becomes Max Generation’s latest client!

Max Generation is very proud to announce that Petronas, one of the largest Oil and Gas companies in the world and F1 sponsor of the Mercedes Racing Team has chosen Max Generation above all others in providing the incentives for their “MESRA” loyalty program for their valued customers.

The incentives are two fantastic vacations, one a 3days/2nights vacation at a selection of beautiful hotels and a fabulous 5 Star City Centre hotel break for two.

Petronas customers will be rewarded with the highest valued incentives available in the market place and can use their loyalty card points to redeem these wonderful vacations valued at over $2,000.

We welcome Petronas as our latest client and we are excited to be working with them!

Marco Robinson,
Max Generation

The Petronas Max generation voucher

The 3days/2nights locations Petronas customers can choose from

The 5 star 2day/1night city break for petronas loyalty card holders

We have great pleasure in annoucing that the Malaysian Building Society has chosen Max Generation as their vacation incentive provider!

They will be launching their new campaign In February. The campaign will mean anyone who chooses a mortgage or loan with MBSB will receive a FREE vacation to China or Bali.

What a fantastic way to be rewarded, a free vacation worth $1,000!

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Alcatel, one of the largest mobile and Broadband providers has experienced an over 35% increase in Broadband sales throughout Malaysia and are now going to offer Max Generation vacation incentives throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

They have just ordered 3,000 more vacation vouchers for an incredibly low cost, themselves being fully assured their clients vacations are fulfilled professionally and quickly!

Here is their successful campaign;

6 Nights of FREE Asian Vacations totalling a value of RM 5,000

ALCATEL started with only 1 free sample voucher, successfully tested our free sample, then purchased their first 1,000!

They have just ordered 3,000 more

Their comment from a senior Alcaltel Representative….

“Exceeded all our expectations! They chose our broadband because of the high value vacations we offered. We will keep running this campaign” Clement, Senior Representative, Alcatel

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