Have you ever met a company that can supply you a $2,000 vacation from as little as $25 and increase the sales of company by at least 25%?

Well that’s exactly what Max Generation can do for your company!

You maybe wondering how we can supply vacations so cheap, many people ask this question when they first meet us.

Would you agree that most hotels in the world are never full every single day?

Well, we leverage on the spare capacity of over 100,000 hotels and resorts across the world and buy thousands of rooms at a very cheap rate sometimes up to three years in advance. This allows us to buy those rooms at an unrivalled low rate. Travel agents cannot match us because they simply do not have the buying power.

We have a fabulous track record of TRANSFORMING the sales results of organisations big and small, including Citibank, BMW, IKEA, LG, Petronas, and many many more…see our website for our many case studies…

To see how you can turn around your sales in a very short time, and increase your results by at least 25% please do not hesitate to call our offices or email us at:




  1. I am interested in the business of max generation. Pls contact me. Thank you. You can reach me at 012-3711464

    • Dear Raymond,

      Have you managed to see any of our representatives yet?

      Kind Regards,

      Marco Robinson

  2. Please let me know if there are any agent(s) in China region e.g. HK, Shenzhen. Thank you

    • Dear Robert, Yes we do have representatives in Hong Kong and Shenzen! You can contact our China representative, Mr. Clement Woo at clement@max-generation.com OR clmntwoo@gmail.com. Alternatively you can contact him on his Malaysian number +6016 661 1108.

      Please Advise if you need any more assistance.

      Kind Regards,

      The Max Generation team

  3. Hi Marco, what is your contact for Melbourne? Thanks!

    • Hi there, you would have to go through our Malaysian office first and we can help you with any Melbourne queries, what is it exactly you wanted to know?

      Kind Regards,

      Marco Robinson

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