Posted by: Marco Robinson | May 22, 2012

Max Generation SCAM!!!! FRAUD!!! OR THE REAL DEAL??????? find out for yourself in Malaysia and Singapore

The clients of your company will determine if your company will survive, is a success or it will fail.

If clients continually reorder, again and again and keep purchasing more that is true sign your value proposition is truly fantastic and is helping the company and the client make more money and make more profit!

So let’s take a look at some of Max Generation’s recent clients and find out;

All these clients are real, proven and documentation can be supplied to PROVE ALL OF OUR CLAIMS!

1. Nikon, bought 5,000 vacation vouchers to give away as a free gift to their customers when they bought a new Coolpix Camera.

Results: Best campaign they have ever launched, selling out their cameras three times faster than any other campaign.

Consequence: Nikon reoders 5 times and has purchased a total of 25,000 vouchers. The franchisee who sold this deal has made a commission of $100,000.

Not bad eh? and who else can claim that result????

Find out more results in the next blogs and newsletters we send you!

Yours Truly,

The Max Generation TEAM


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