Posted by: Marco Robinson | May 22, 2012

Max Generation Scam Fraud or the genuine deal? Max gen’s clients prove they are the REAL DEAL!

So we posted a while ago how Nikon Cameras enjoyed a literally astounding return as one of our latest clients…..

But even if you increase your sales a little, you are getting a gain in your profit and that means you can GROW!!! and expand into new markets!

Next case Study;

Etiqa Insurance Group;

Etiqua purchased 3,000 Vacation Vouchers in 2011 as a reward for their life insurance clients and their insurance agents.

This was a 3 days/2nights product offering 3 to star hotels and resorts, and it was given away free to their clients.

This proved such a success that Etiqa ordered 9,000 vacation vouchers in total within six months of starting the campaign and they are keen to offer city break holiday to their other clients.

This proves that vacation incentives are a very powerful tool as they create a perceived value so high, such a $2,000 IN PEOPLE’S MINDS, that your value proposition is strengthened a great deal.

Remember as a company you can buy these $2,000 beautiful vacations from only $25!!!!!

Yours Truly,

The Max Generation Team


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