Posted by: Marco Robinson | October 13, 2011

The Truth about Max Generation SCAM Recognition for Rose Chua, our most successful Singapore Agent for Max Generation Singapore who just closes a deal for NIKON Cameras

A BIG SHOUT OUT FOR Rose Chua, our most successful Singapore agent to date. Not only is Rose a Grandmother, she had no sales experience before she joined Max Generation Singapore at all…Through her perseverance and persistence she has closed the highest number of Corporate deals in the whole Max Generation group on her OWN this year including all other Max Generation offices and of course Singapore.

Included in her many deals to dates in Singapore are STARHUB who reordered twice and want to reorder again at Christmas Time, Happy Eyes, Fuji Xerox, a few I can’t remember right now and she received a few days ago the latest signed PURCHASE ORDER from NIKON Cameras Singapore for the first of three orders totalling SGD$ 540,000.

Rose Chua HAS PERSISTED, she’s also a damn good recruiter and has recruited TWO GMP’s in the last two weeks.

Rose also helps many companies improve their sales in Singapore especially during these very tough economic times. Rose provides the most highly perceived incentive, a VACATION, she supplies this beautiful VACATION not only in Singapore but all over the world, depending where her clients customers want to go.

And she helps companies buy in bulk, so when they have thousands of customers they can supply thousands of vacations because they only cost from $35 a piece for a 5day/4night holiday for two…Yes you need fantastic products, like we have at Max Generation Singapore but you also need FANTASTIC people, and Rose Chua has the stuff we all want to be made of…

I must credit Rose and give her all the recognition she deserves, she truly is a REVELATION and inspiration to us all and a shining example that if you stay true to yourself, be your self and FOCUS on your goals and follow the blueprint for success and follow the scripts and build rapport at all times, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Well done Rose, not only are you great at what you do, you are a bloody nice person, who is also very humble and always willing to learn. I salute you! LONG LIVE ROSE AND MANY MORE DEALS FOR YOU TO COME!!!

My respect and admiration to you always, Marco Robinson founder of Max Generation…


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