Posted by: Marco Robinson | October 2, 2011

Max Generation HELPS MODENAS MOTORCYCLES customers out! by giving them a FREE vacation when you buy a brand new motorbike!

Max Generation has just supplied Modenas Motorcycles, Malaysia with 6,000 vacations. Good news for Modenas motorcycle buyers! When you buy a brand new bike you get a FREE 3days/2nights vacation for two anywhere in Malaysia for two! The Max Generation agent was Sherifah Alsagoff, who has worked for 2 years helping Modenas to get the perfect incentive to their customers. We take very good care of our clients needs and diligently discover what your clients needs are. Well done to Sherifah and Modenas for choosing the best incentive in the world! If you want to know how $2,000 vacations that only cost $25 can help your business, please check our website out at



  1. waaaaaaaaaaaa , I already bought my new modenas ct100 moped last year in july 2010 , SO UNFAIR ! wa wa wa

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