Posted by: Marco Robinson | May 14, 2011


Edmund Lim, one our oldest agents in Malaysia, has finally broken his egg with his first corporate deal, and it might be a brand you might recognise very well!

Edmund Lim has sold to MERCEDES!

Cycle and Carriage the malaysian distributor signed the contract yesterday to buy 1,000 special customised vouchers, 200 per month at RM 688 each!

Yes we also provide customised 5 STAR vacations to high end purchases.

Buying a brand new mercedes and receiving a 7 day 5 star holiday with your family sure sweetens the deal and beats your competition handsomely!

First BMW, now MERCEDES….who’s next, we can help anyone improve their business and the numbers just keep rolling in.

What area of sales do you want to improve the most?

It is proven that 57% of your customers will remember you more because you gave them a vacation more than anything else, see our white paper special reports on our website, you will be truly amazed by Max Generation’s POWERFUL vacation programs that can see your sales increase at least 20%! almost overnight…

Why do you think so many people are choosing Max Generation for all their incentive needs….



  1. Congratulations Edmund Lim, this proves that the “Belief and Faith” that you had in your self and Max Generation has ultimately paid off. May the Almighty Bless you with more success.

    • Balzitt,
      Thank you. I believe too that your deal is coming soon. I do pray for you daily until you see results. It comes true, with 100% sure living His Words live deep in your heart, it comes true, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. congratulation to edmun lim.may god bless you and your family.

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