Posted by: Marco Robinson | April 3, 2011

MAX GENERATION Massive success for our Japan Tsunami relief Charity event where we raised over $130,000 and a toast to Glen Stidolph of Max Generation & the Eastin hotel


Along with the Eastin Hotel, Glen Stidolph my business partner in Max Generation deserves applaud of great magnitude for the effort he made in just 10 days to fill all of the 43 tables at the event and help us raise over $130,000 for the Japan Tsunami relief fund.

Such were his efforts, we made the front page of the national newspaper in our efforts to raise money and succeeded with a great auction raising tonnes of money for the victims of Japan.

My Japanese friends were at the event and STILL HAVE RELATIONS AND FRIENDS missing and were greatly moved by the generosity of our guests and in helping the Japanese red cross continue their search and assistance in finding missing people after this horrible crisis.

When someone takes action like what Glen has done, it infuses all of us with a sense of purpose and action and THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Glen’s purpose is not affected by the limitations of others. When was the last time you checked your own limits and what is holding you back! If you could operate without limits and fear, you could become someone to be proud of and inspire others to contribute their full potential rather than a derivative of it.

Glen’s singular actions in this incredible event were titanic and i want to personally send my appreciation to him and would like to invite all of you reading this note to send your congratulations to him and Max Generation in making this event astounding! Kudos to Glen, I wish I knew more people like you….

Marco Robinson



  1. Dear Glen, I have only met you last week Friday (the evening before the great event at Easton Hotel) but from what we have been talking about your passion for this event is incredible!! I am so honored to have met such a great personality. I am looking forward to be learning more from you in the future and I wish you all the best with your future undertakings!! With all the best Regards, Rabea

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