Posted by: Marco Robinson | February 18, 2011

Petronas becomes Max Generation’s latest client!

Max Generation is very proud to announce that Petronas, one of the largest Oil and Gas companies in the world and F1 sponsor of the Mercedes Racing Team has chosen Max Generation above all others in providing the incentives for their “MESRA” loyalty program for their valued customers.

The incentives are two fantastic vacations, one a 3days/2nights vacation at a selection of beautiful hotels and a fabulous 5 Star City Centre hotel break for two.

Petronas customers will be rewarded with the highest valued incentives available in the market place and can use their loyalty card points to redeem these wonderful vacations valued at over $2,000.

We welcome Petronas as our latest client and we are excited to be working with them!

Marco Robinson,
Max Generation

The Petronas Max generation voucher

The 3days/2nights locations Petronas customers can choose from

The 5 star 2day/1night city break for petronas loyalty card holders



  1. This truly proves that Max Generation provides value and is high in credibility. A company like Petronas would only choose to associate itself with the best, and I am proud to be part of Max Generation’s Dream Team that is changing the business landscape in Malaysia.

    I love most how these incentives are really making a big difference to not only these big corporations, but also to smaller and medium sized businesses.

    We are certainly CREATING DEMAND!

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