Posted by: Marco Robinson | November 4, 2010

Alcatel skyrockets it’s BROADBAND sales in Asia with Max Generation inexpensive vacation incentives!

Alcatel, one of the largest mobile and Broadband providers has experienced an over 35% increase in Broadband sales throughout Malaysia and are now going to offer Max Generation vacation incentives throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

They have just ordered 3,000 more vacation vouchers for an incredibly low cost, themselves being fully assured their clients vacations are fulfilled professionally and quickly!

Here is their successful campaign;

6 Nights of FREE Asian Vacations totalling a value of RM 5,000

ALCATEL started with only 1 free sample voucher, successfully tested our free sample, then purchased their first 1,000!

They have just ordered 3,000 more

Their comment from a senior Alcaltel Representative….

“Exceeded all our expectations! They chose our broadband because of the high value vacations we offered. We will keep running this campaign” Clement, Senior Representative, Alcatel

Please click on

You need more proof???

To find out more case studies and testimonials. You can click on each voucher picture to see the actual voucher cover the company used in their campaigns…

You need more information???

Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions button at and scroll down the page to see the round orange button;

If at any time you wish to talk with one of our Serious Increase Sales Professionals please feel free to contact us at our office numbers OR call us on the mobile business lines;


+603 6203 9890 (10am to 6pm)


Please call Ara on 016 205 0581 for further information.


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