Posted by: Marco Robinson | October 17, 2010

Proton enjoys a 98% test drive increase and 41% on line sales increase!

Almost 80% of all new car sales begin on-line!

That means most of us search on line for more details on the car to help our decision process and to be really clear if this is the car we want…

Proton hired Electric Angels and Max Generation to use their innovative Max Campaign Pro tools to take advantage of the missing link between searching on line and buying the actual car.

The Program they used was: Customised ‘Live Buyer’ Revelation rewards program Max Campaign Pro as part of the Proton Edar online experience.

Starting with the release of the Satrio Neo, Electric Angels and Max Generation developed the ‘Live Buyer’ channel, using a combination of targeted banner placement and live web chat on the Proton Edar website.

These ‘real time’ exchanges with online visitors used a customised Revelation Rewards program of free seven-day holidays in seven destinations, valued at RM3,600. Customers who visited the ‘Live Buyer’ website, were each given the incentive program code, and if they went on to test drive and purchase a Proton car, the Revelation holiday voucher was awarded.

Results: As a result of this turn key creative online and offline marketing and incentive campaign, unique visitor traffic to the Edar website increased dramatically.

Before the program started, the site traffic was around 60,000 uniques per month; once the program was fully established traffic increased to around 100,000 per month with a 98% increase in test drives achieved and the bottom line, a 41% increase in on line car sales!

Furthermore, customer retention on the site increased significantly because prospects were ‘engaged’ in the Live Buyer portal and ‘re-visits’ to the site also increased significantly due to the enhanced customer online experience.

The Live Buyer program recorded day on day increasing online conversions and car purchases as the campaign went on and gained traction, as well as an enormous increase in Proton Edar customer experience satisfaction as recorded on the web-blog set up for customer comments during the campaign. It was highly successful.

Customer comments about the campaign:

“Keep on giving such this benefit and enjoyment so that it can interest many more people out there to buy new proton car rather than imported car.”

“It’s a positive attempt for proton to care and valued their customers by promoting this offer”

“It helps me to make the right decision. It helped me in a way to make my decision in whether to buy or not to buy the car. And I did”

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