Posted by: Marco Robinson | October 2, 2010

Wedding Bridal House dramatically increases average spend!

Just 18 months ago “Posh Wedding” was a small Bridal House on Jalan Ipoh, K.L., Malaysia catering for lower spend clients of RM 3,000 (usd $ 800) or less…..

Sally Tow, the owner and President was always frustrated of she could get her vision to more people and increase the average spend of her valued clients so they could enjoy the themed location weddings.

Her idea of shooting the happy couple flying an aeroplane, enjoying the sunset on the beach in Bali or Phuket and making sure the bride was in the best physical shape for the best day of her life came true when she met the founder of Max Generation, Marco Robinson.

Marco shared with Sally that she could supply a free wedding airport shoot, a free 5 day holiday to Bali or Phuket AND three very special Personal Fitness, shape and health training sessions with the bride for literally peanuts!

At first, Sally could not believe that was possible, but 18 months later, Sally and her team are travelling to Hong Kong and Shanghai enjoying a 115% increase in the number of sales transacted AND an average spend of RM 5,800 (usd $ 1,500) that was before half that amount!

This is what Sally had to say…

“I really wanted to do something different to everybody else, and when Marco showed me I could buy all those incentives for just RM 40 per voucher, I was shock! but I checked them and was totally convinced they could do it…today I wished I started sooner!” Sally Tow, President, Posh Wedding Sdn Bhd

To see how Sally is doing now go to;

and see how she uses her incentive from Max Generation and Revelation Rewards;

To see more REAL case studies….

Please click on

You need more proof???

To find out more case studies and testimonials. You can click on each voucher picture to see the actual voucher cover the company used in their campaigns…

Also check the very informative independent white paper studies on how vacation incentives now work so well at;

and download the FREE copies!!!

You need more information???

Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions button at and scroll down the page to see the round orange button;

If at any time you wish to talk with one of our Serious Increase Professionals please feel free to contact us at our office numbers OR call us on the mobile business lines;


+603 6203 9890 (10am to 6pm)


Please call Lyn on 012 6222


  1. This is really mind boggling increase in Sales, i will definately recommend this to my Clients.

    If it could assist a Wedding Planner, this package would definately be applicable to any OR all Businesses.

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