Posted by: Marco Robinson | August 24, 2010

Innovate and Expand

If you want to expand as a business, even in the recession, then you need to constantly ask yourself the question, “How can I best serve my customers?”

By asking that powerful question, your strategic team (and other employees) will come up with better, or improved ways to serve your customers.

And let’s face it, in today’s competitive world, all our customers have come to expect more; why shouldn’t they? After all, there is so much competition for business that it is in fact those who serve their customers best who will profit the most.

We ask the question everyday!

At Max Generation we ask ourselves that powerful question everyday and we can vouch for the fact that it works. How? Because we have just expanded and we continue to grow- despite the recession.


We have just launched our brand new offices in Singapore. Now, corporate clients and customers alike can experience the results and the dreams that their Malaysian and Australian counterparts have been experiencing for the past six years!

Should you, your brand or your business be in Singapore and you are looking for a fresh, unique way to give your next sales and marketing campaign some panache and at the same time get exceptional results, then please contact us.

Glen Stidolph, one of the Managing Directors of Max Gen Singapore was elated with the opening; “We are ecstatic to be opening in Singapore and having the opportunity to serve even more corporate clients and help them achieve greater profits; while at the same time give more people the opportunity to have dream vacations at low, low prices”.

If you want more information please contact us on Singapore (02) 6733 5342
116 Lavender St
03-02 Pek Chuan Building
Singapore 338730
email us

Or, alternatively, visit our web site for more details


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