Posted by: Marco Robinson | June 11, 2010

Va Va Vroom!

We experienced some high octane fun the other week end!

Being proud sponsors of the Axle racing team,() headed by international racing superstar and now T.V. pundit, Alex Yoong, we got exclusive access to the pitt lane. We were really revved up by the stunning atmosphere.

The event was a 12 hour endurance race held at the Sepang F1 track, right here on our doorstep in Malaysia.
It was exciting, deafening, scorching hot and the adrenalin was pumping. I dread to think how the drivers were feeling.

Wearing headsets, it was an experience to remember, listening in to Alex coach his drivers round the track. The amount of knowledge and expertise one has to have to do such a thing is nothing short of outstanding.
And how the drivers can respond when they are approaching a corner at speeds of 175 KMH, beggars belief. I’m going to be sticking to the 110!

Undeterred by the engine overheating in the first car, and having to withdraw it from the race, the team became more determined and achieved the fantastic result of coming in 15th.

The drivers, Pippa Yoong, Hiroko Nakumura and did a sterling job.

The Female drivers!

Both female drivers will soon be promoting a new loyalty programme for sophisticated ladies who like to indulge themselves

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