Posted by: Marco Robinson | May 4, 2010

CEO Captivates Massive Audience at Borders

CEO Marco Robinson was launching his (already) number 1 best-selling book, ‘Know When to Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich’ on Sunday in Borders bookshop at The Curve shopping center.

The audience was captivated and spellbound by a scintillating mini workshop given by Marco.

Taking some of his philosophies from his book, Marco helped some members of the packed audience overcome some of their biggest work challenges! And he achieved it within minutes.

‘Know When to Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich’ is fast becoming a ‘must read’ not only for sales professionals per se, but for anyone who needs help with communicating their ideas clearly to a.nother.

Considering it was a holiday week-end and most people had gone outstation, it was an outrageous success. Just short of 200 people turned out and 138 books were sold. The book is now heading for number 1 in Borders as I type!

Book Signing

Dreams really do come true

This was another dream come true for Marco. ‘Most people either have no dreams, or have given up hope of achieving their dreams’ stated Marco after the event. ‘Yet, if you pursue them everyday and believe you can achieve, anything is possible’

We hope you are following your dreams. They do come true.


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