Posted by: glenstidolph | April 17, 2010

Has Max Generation CEO Marco Robinson gone MAD??

Its been #1 non-fiction best seller in Malaysia for a few months now, its been given great reviews by the media, including The Star book review, and you can now go and buy a copy of “Know when to close the deal” the book that ALL sales people should read, and GET A FREE HOLIDAY.

Author of “Know when to close the deal” and Max Generation CEO, Marco Robinson, will be starting his book signing tour exclusively with Borders this weekend, and is giving away, a FREE Max Generation AMAZING BREAKS 3 DAY/2 NIGHT Malaysian vacation for anyone who purchases the book during his book signing.

All you have to do is produce your receipt, get your book signed and you will receive this amazing gift absolutely FREE……yep…EVERYONE who purchases a copy of the book during the signing gets a FREE HOLIDAY!

Has he gone mad? ..come and find out.

Come down to
BORDERS @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley
Sunday 18th April @ 3pm



  1. Your company may have a very good idea, but unfortunately I experience the worst customer service. I get routed to a wrong name, wrong number and wrong email account from one of your agent name XXXX who in-charge of Bali trip. She makes a lot of promises in the tele conversation and never fulfill any SINGLE one of them. my booking has been open for more than 6 months now and yet to be confirm. If you are supervisor or manager, you can call me for more details and I hope I do not have to share the phone conversation on youtube…

    • Hi Chong Keat, its unfortunate that you’ve had such a negative experience with Max Generation and had to resort to using this blog to vent your anger and frustration. In any company, there are occasions when we do mess up, and it sounds very much like we’ve messed you around far too much. Rather than post your phone number on an open channel like this, please contact me via email on and i will make sure that you are given the proper service your deserve. If you’d like to share with me your experience via email and your phone number, i can not only contact you and rectify the problem, but i can also use your experience to try and ensure that other users of our customer service do not suffer similar problems in future. I’d be happy for you to put our conversation on youtube should you so wish.
      Thanks and look forward to your email

  2. wow…Glen..whoever you are.I do not know you,but that was a professional way to reply a customer.I hope others read this and learn as i just did.

    • Thanks Mahad, glad you appreciate my response to Chong Keat. Its a Myth that Marketing requires 100% positive messages about a product or service….the worlds just not like that. No matter how hard we strive to be our best in what we provide, there will also be mistakes made, and bad experiences happen….c’est la vie.
      Negative word of mouth like Chong Keats comments are an invaluable source of feedback for our product offering, service and company. We can do all kinds studies into our product offering and customer service, however its the actual customer experience that will always dictate how our systems and products are developed.
      Once again..thanks for your comment.

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