Posted by: glenstidolph | April 16, 2010

Max Generation Singapore

Its taken us a little longer than expected, however I’m glad to say that we’re starting to finally get it together in Singapore. There is still some serious groundwork to be done, but from my visit this week, it’s obvious that our agents in Singapore see huge potential for the Max Generation products, and I’d like to commend them publicly for there tenacity and patience in hanging in there while we put everything right.

I’m looking forward to spending time in Singapore, supporting our agents and creating products that are specific to this unique island economy. I’m sure I’ll be posting regularly on the differences between my adopted home country of Malaysia and our neighbours, Singapore…you never know, the contradictory perceptions that the population of both countries may have of one another may be true?…or ….



  1. Yes, it definitely took a little longer then expected however, it is the concept on Revelation Rewards which I see the huge potential and that is why, the tenacity.

    I’m pretty sure there are different perceptions between the 2 countries and also the spending habits which is why, more ground work has to be done with the invovlement from the SG Agents.

    Keep the momentum going while it snowballs to a gigantic force that is large enough to let Singapore be a strong springboard to the rest of the world for Max Gen. As a financial hub in the world, you can be sure that SG is capable to that level.

    Let us see how the SG agents can bring on the roar for exponential growth for Max Gen.

    • I couldn’t agree more Ian, and thanks for your positive comments. some of the new corporate communication products that we have been developing in Malaysia were created with Singapore very much in mind. I can assure you that we’ll be working hard to develop more Singaporean incentives and experiences over the next month or 2. I’m looking forward to giving Singaporean companies access to these fantastic consumer incentive programs as soon as possible.

      Best regards

      Glen Stidolph

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