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max generation scam fraud or REAL? Getting back to business

Its been quite some time since my last post in this blog, perhaps it should have been called ‘the last post’ as it seemed unlikely that i’d put finger to keyboard again as a ‘blogger’

However, there has been so much water under the bridge, so many changes, it seems only right that i push whats in my head to a wider audience than myself…otherwise i’m likely to explode and bit of grey matter spatter innocent bystanders.

2 years of driving between Singapore and Malaysia have given me some very interesting insights into both sets of inhabitants, and has led us to creating Singapore as a microcosm within Max Generation, standing ¬†alone within the rest of the groups infra that serves the other countries we operate in. Later posts will try and ‘humorously’ explain why this needed to be done, but there you have it, Max Generation Singapore will finally become a completely independent company within a company next week with the new Website and .sg URL’S going up 5th May 2012.


So we posted a while ago how Nikon Cameras enjoyed a literally astounding return as one of our latest clients…..

But even if you increase your sales a little, you are getting a gain in your profit and that means you can GROW!!! and expand into new markets!

Next case Study;

Etiqa Insurance Group;

Etiqua purchased 3,000 Vacation Vouchers in 2011 as a reward for their life insurance clients and their insurance agents.

This was a 3 days/2nights product offering 3 to star hotels and resorts, and it was given away free to their clients.

This proved such a success that Etiqa ordered 9,000 vacation vouchers in total within six months of starting the campaign and they are keen to offer city break holiday to their other clients.

This proves that vacation incentives are a very powerful tool as they create a perceived value so high, such a $2,000 IN PEOPLE’S MINDS, that your value proposition is strengthened a great deal.

Remember as a company you can buy these $2,000 beautiful vacations from only $25!!!!!

Yours Truly,

The Max Generation Team

The clients of your company will determine if your company will survive, is a success or it will fail.

If clients continually reorder, again and again and keep purchasing more that is true sign your value proposition is truly fantastic and is helping the company and the client make more money and make more profit!

So let’s take a look at some of Max Generation’s recent clients and find out;

All these clients are real, proven and documentation can be supplied to PROVE ALL OF OUR CLAIMS!

1. Nikon, bought 5,000 vacation vouchers to give away as a free gift to their customers when they bought a new Coolpix Camera.

Results: Best campaign they have ever launched, selling out their cameras three times faster than any other campaign.

Consequence: Nikon reoders 5 times and has purchased a total of 25,000 vouchers. The franchisee who sold this deal has made a commission of $100,000.

Not bad eh? and who else can claim that result????

Find out more results in the next blogs and newsletters we send you!

Yours Truly,

The Max Generation TEAM

A BIG SHOUT OUT FOR Rose Chua, our most successful Singapore agent to date. Not only is Rose a Grandmother, she had no sales experience before she joined Max Generation Singapore at all…Through her perseverance and persistence she has closed the highest number of Corporate deals in the whole Max Generation group on her OWN this year including all other Max Generation offices and of course Singapore.

Included in her many deals to dates in Singapore are STARHUB who reordered twice and want to reorder again at Christmas Time, Happy Eyes, Fuji Xerox, a few I can’t remember right now and she received a few days ago the latest signed PURCHASE ORDER from NIKON Cameras Singapore for the first of three orders totalling SGD$ 540,000.

Rose Chua HAS PERSISTED, she’s also a damn good recruiter and has recruited TWO GMP’s in the last two weeks.

Rose also helps many companies improve their sales in Singapore especially during these very tough economic times. Rose provides the most highly perceived incentive, a VACATION, she supplies this beautiful VACATION not only in Singapore but all over the world, depending where her clients customers want to go.

And she helps companies buy in bulk, so when they have thousands of customers they can supply thousands of vacations because they only cost from $35 a piece for a 5day/4night holiday for two…Yes you need fantastic products, like we have at Max Generation Singapore but you also need FANTASTIC people, and Rose Chua has the stuff we all want to be made of…

I must credit Rose and give her all the recognition she deserves, she truly is a REVELATION and inspiration to us all and a shining example that if you stay true to yourself, be your self and FOCUS on your goals and follow the blueprint for success and follow the scripts and build rapport at all times, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Well done Rose, not only are you great at what you do, you are a bloody nice person, who is also very humble and always willing to learn. I salute you! LONG LIVE ROSE AND MANY MORE DEALS FOR YOU TO COME!!!

My respect and admiration to you always, Marco Robinson founder of Max Generation…

ING have purchased a terrific incentive from Max Generation. As a reward for being a loyal ING customer, ING are going to give away an F1 driving experience with the Alex Yoong Racing team AND a free 4days/3night vacation for two to Phuket or Bali. Max Generation is very proud to be associated with ING and offer a bespoke incentive to their most cherished clients! If you want to find out how we can help your company with the perfect incentive whether it is for your staff, customers, to increase customer acquisition, customer retention, or even to get people to pay on time, please check our website at and even have a FREE DEMO vacation on us to try us out. Max Generation supplies unrivalled incentives to any industry!

Max Generation has just supplied Modenas Motorcycles, Malaysia with 6,000 vacations. Good news for Modenas motorcycle buyers! When you buy a brand new bike you get a FREE 3days/2nights vacation for two anywhere in Malaysia for two! The Max Generation agent was Sherifah Alsagoff, who has worked for 2 years helping Modenas to get the perfect incentive to their customers. We take very good care of our clients needs and diligently discover what your clients needs are. Well done to Sherifah and Modenas for choosing the best incentive in the world! If you want to know how $2,000 vacations that only cost $25 can help your business, please check our website out at

Due to phenomenal success in Asia, we have recently expanded to Hong Kong and opened a BRAND NEW office in the International Financial Centre Building! To see how your business can benefit from our incredible vacation incentives, where you can give away a free holiday to your clients worth USD$ 2,000 costing you only USD$25 please visit our website at

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Max Generation certifies new grand master professional agents

Because of massive expansion in Asia, Max Generation is now fully licensing NEW professional licensees to take this business global and help other companies all over the world seriously increase their business results and profits.

Our track record has allowed companies to increase their sales by at least 20%!!! in only days after using a tailored vacation promotion.

Buy our product and receive a FREE $2,000 vacation is still very powerful!!!!!!!

Welcome: Mimi Wahedah Yusop; Tunku Fauzi Malek; Jafarulah Khan; Grace Chan; Mark Graham, Edmund Lim; Iqbal Yusof; Natalie Foo; Tony Ho; Tracy Lye; Manoher Nadeson!


Edmund Lim, one our oldest agents in Malaysia, has finally broken his egg with his first corporate deal, and it might be a brand you might recognise very well!

Edmund Lim has sold to MERCEDES!

Cycle and Carriage the malaysian distributor signed the contract yesterday to buy 1,000 special customised vouchers, 200 per month at RM 688 each!

Yes we also provide customised 5 STAR vacations to high end purchases.

Buying a brand new mercedes and receiving a 7 day 5 star holiday with your family sure sweetens the deal and beats your competition handsomely!

First BMW, now MERCEDES….who’s next, we can help anyone improve their business and the numbers just keep rolling in.

What area of sales do you want to improve the most?

It is proven that 57% of your customers will remember you more because you gave them a vacation more than anything else, see our white paper special reports on our website, you will be truly amazed by Max Generation’s POWERFUL vacation programs that can see your sales increase at least 20%! almost overnight…

Why do you think so many people are choosing Max Generation for all their incentive needs….

One of the biggest communication companies in Singapore has put it’s trust in the superb proven Max Generation vacation vouchers.

They have started with 2,000 programs and will be giving a free holiday to their customers as party of their loyalty program.

This is exciting news for Max generation Singapore, in signing up this huge client in this new market…

As Max Generation expands it offices globally, every market we enter, we prove our unique business model is a big hit and can transform your companies results.

Well done to Rose Chua and Glen Stidolph for all their hard work in finding the perfect solution for Starhub Singapore.

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